Tucao Conference 4 December Tucao Li Jiaqi, Cam: Very ruthless


“Tucao Conference 4” December Tucao Li Jiaqi, Cam: Very ruthless
On November 26th, the comedy talk show “Tucao Conference 4” co-produced by Penguin Films & TV and Xiaoguo Culture produced the first preview movie.Talk show actors Cam and Hulan revealed that they spit Li Jiaqi on the second episode of the show especially good-looking.Cam said that he was “especially ruthless, and I dare not watch it anyway”.It is understood that “Tucao Conference 4” will land on Tencent Video in early December. This season’s guests include Donnie Yen, Li Jiaqi, PDD, etc.Cam, who participated in Tucao Conference 3, vomited himself on the spot, saying that his performance in the third season was not so funny, the real offensive had not yet been shown, and the fourth season was the real “full firepower”.Cam reveals that when he can’t write a paragraph, he often gets grumpy, especially when the company schedules are usually tight. After writing the rehearsal, he has to come to the stage to see the audience.But no matter how miraculous and irritable, you must find a way to overcome the difficulty, you can go to the balcony to calm down.When asked about the difference between “Tucao Conference” and other variety shows, Came bluntly participated in other variety shows and always recorded uncomfortably, especially when it came to laughing.”There is always a smirk, maybe for the star’s face.We do a talk show, we hope to get a real laugh, if you do n’t laugh, you will be embarrassed to die, and do n’t smirk for who you are.Hulan also said that to make a talk show is to try to pursue truth.”A lot of times the audience will say why don’t you mention this or that?Do n’t we professional writers know to mention it?But it can only be tried to the extent allowed by the other party, just like we are talking about Li Jiaqi’s sticky pot.”Li Jiaqi live broadcasts selling non-stick pans, but can’t shovel eggs.Picture from the Internet sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie editor Tong Na proofreading Wang Xin