Olympic Old Man He Zhenliang’s CV once translated as Mao Zedong Zhou Enlai


“Olympic Old Man” He Zhenliang’s CV once translated as Mao Zedong Zhou Enlai
At 22:08 on July 13, 2001, Moscow World Trade Center, when the then International Olympic Committee Chairman Samaranch announced that Beijing won the right to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, all of China was boiling.As a key figure in Beijing’s bid for the Olympics, 72-year-old He Zhenliang shed tears of excitement.Beijing has won the right to host the Olympic Games, and I have no regrets in my life.He Zhenliang said.He Zhenliang’s life is closely connected with the Olympic Games.何振梁和三任国际奥委会主席的合影【天赋异禀】给毛泽东周恩来当翻译  1956年9月,中国共产党第八次全国代表大会期间,年轻的何振梁以其娴熟的外语,不仅担任意大利共产党代表The translation of the regiment also attracted the attention of Mao Zedong.  Once the translation was over, Mao Zedong had a cordial conversation with the young translators around him.Mao Zedong said: Comrade, what is your name?He Zhenliang immediately answered: Report Chairman, my name is He Zhenliang.Mao Zedong asked him how to write his name again, and He Zhenliang replied: Cheer up the spirit, build the beam.Mao Zedong said happily: Oh, cheer up, very good!  Later, in the 1950s and 1960s, most of Mao Zedong’s French translations when he met foreign guests were performed by He Zhenliang.Not only that, Mao Zedong introduced He Zhenliang to Zhou Enlai, so that he had the opportunity to visit the prime minister as an interpreter many times.[Successor for Olympic Games]He Zhenliang is a narrator when he has no time to see a doctor. Beijing has bid for the Olympic Games twice.In 1993, Beijing regretted losing to Sydney.He Zhenliang Qiang tolerated his inner pain, turned around with a smile, and was the first to shake hands with the representatives of Australia.When He Zhenliang and his wife returned to the hotel that night, her daughter called from Beijing: Dad, I watched TV. Don’t be too sad. Take care of your body. I love you.Putting down the phone, He Zhenliang’s tears came out.In 2001, Beijing finally won the right to host the Olympic Games.He Zhenliang wept again, but this time it was tears of joy.  Beijing’s successful bid for the Olympics is indispensable to He Zhenliang.During the bidding process, due to the regulations of the International Olympic Committee, IOC members could not be invited to visit the bidding city. In order to let the members understand Beijing and vote for Beijing, He Zhenliang traveled between the members of various countries. In five months, he hadIn 69 days, he made 11 visits abroad and on airplanes.He Zhenliang likes to play tennis, but he hasn’t touched tennis for 8 months.He likes to read books, bought a lot of books, and didn’t have time to turn them.  In order to make Beijing’s more than 200,000-character bidding report more outstanding, He Zhenliang took advantage of his proficiency in English and French.The bidding report was completed, and he was admitted to the hospital because of overwork.Before that, he was in poor health, but he couldn’t find time to see a doctor.When the Olympic bid was approaching, He Zhenliang did not sleep before 12 o’clock in the evening.[Legend of the Olympic Games]Church Savon read Beijing    He is like a brother of mine, I like him very much.Samaranch once commented on He Zhenliang.  During the work of the International Olympic Committee, He Zhenliang and Samaranch fought side by side. He also taught Savon to read the two words Beijing in Chinese.  He Zhenliang wrote in the diary on the day of the Olympic bid: At the venue, Samaranch sent his secretary to ask me how to pronounce the word “Beijing” accurately.Beijing’s foreign language pinyin is ‘Beijing’, but according to Spanish pronunciation habits, the pronunciation of j is generally h, and it is likely that Beijing is said to be ‘Xing’ in the north.For this reason, according to the pronunciation habit of Spanish, I wrote the Pinyin of Beijing for ‘Beidjing’ for Samaranch, so that he can pronounce the pinyin of Beijing accurately.  Everyone has heard that Samaranch has read the word Beijing in a straightforward manner with the attention of the whole world.[Integrity]He is an unpurchasable person  In early 1999, the scandal of the bribery bid in Salt Lake City was exposed, which triggered the most serious crisis of trust in the history of the International Olympic Committee.At the time, even Savon himself was not spared, but He Zhenliang was considered an unbuyable person.Greek Commissioner Nikolai said to the reporter who interviewed him: You accuse the commissioner, why don’t you report a commissioner like China’s He Zhenliang?When He Zhenliang visited Greece, Greece had to reimburse him for the plane ticket. He said: I came along the way, and the ticket has already been paid by the International Olympic Committee.[A pending case]Accused of not listening to greetings In 2009, Yuan Weimin published the book “Yuan Weimin and the Situation of the Sports World”, revealing many inside stories of Chinese sports. Among them, the chapter “Applying for the Olympics: A Deep Story” broke the two of He Zhenliang and Yuan Weimin.The quietness of the highly respected old man, Yuan Weimin pointed directly at He Zhenliang in his book. He acted in his own name, supported Jin Yunlong instead of Rogge, and even nearly influenced the success of Beijing’s bid for the Olympics, making waves in the sports world.  In October 2009, He Zhenliang responded publicly to the matter: The vote of the International Olympic Committee was conducted in secret. Where did he find me supporting Jin Yunlong?Roger should be able to see how I feel about me.If it is not the need of the country, I can really enjoy my retirement life with peace of mind now. I did not expect that I would have to face such slurs from others.History is written by facts, not by some people.Biography of He Zhenliang December 29, 1929, He Zhenliang was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and his ancestral home is Shangyu, Zhejiang.At school, he skipped three classes.At the age of 16, He Zhenliang was admitted to the Department of Mechatronics of Shanghai Aurora University.After the founding of New China, he entered the Beijing Youth League as a French interpreter.  In 1952, as a member of a Chinese sports group, He Zhenliang participated in the 15th Olympic Games in Finnish antiques.  Since 1955, He Zhenliang has been engaged in sports and has been responsible for international liaison work at the State Sports Commission.  In 1981, He Zhenliang was elected to the International Olympic Committee.  In 1985, He Zhenliang was elected to the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee.  In 1989, He Zhenliang was elected president of the Chinese Olympic Committee and vice president of the International Olympic Committee.  In 1993, He Zhenliang participated in the bid to host the 2000 Summer Olympics as one of the presenters of the Beijing Olympic bid.  Since 2000, He Zhenliang has served as the chairman of the International Olympic Committee Culture and Olympic Education Committee.  In 2001, He Zhenliang once again participated in the bid to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games as one of the presenters of the Beijing Olympic bid.