WCBA Finals-Shanxi Women’s Basketball Team Won Beijing Wins Three consecutive Championships, Ji Yanyan Wins MVP_1


WCBA Finals-Shanxi Women’s Basketball Team Won Beijing Wins Three consecutive Championships Ji Yanyan Wins MVP
On March 5, Beijing time, the fourth round of the 2014-2015 WCBA finals ignited the fighting.After four quarters of competition, Shanxi anti-guest defeated Beijing mainly 72-70, thus defeating the Beijing team 3-1 with a total score and winning the WCBA three consecutive championships.In this game, although Moore won the game’s highest score of 35 points, plus 16 boards, but Ji Yanyan shot at a critical moment to win the finals MVP.Maya bravely assisted Shanxi to finally win the battle. The Beijing team doubled in a double play. Grina had 26 points and 9 rebounds. Zhang Fan had 10 points and 5 rebounds. 2 assists; Sun Xiaoyu had 9 points and Shao Ting had 9 points and 5 assists.Shanxi team Moore 35 points and 16 rebounds, Ji Yanyan 11 points.  In the first quarter, Moore scored 5 points inside and outside, Wu Jinzhu scored 3 points, Shanxi anti-guest mainly played an 8-1 start.Then the Beijing team hit a 7-1 shock wave inside and outside, pulling the score to 8 levels.The two teams have come and gone, and they have reached 10 draws.The two sides are entangled in the scores and lead alternately, making it difficult to widen the gap.One minute before this quarter, Shanxi team Wu Jinzhu collided with Zist and was injured.In the first quarter, the Beijing team led Shanxi by 1 point 21-20.  In the second quarter, Ma Xueya and Moore inside succeeded in hitting a 10-4 climax, quickly widening the score.After that, the two teams scored 3 points against each other, and the score was very tight.Immediately, the Beijing team hit a small climax with a continuous vote and penalty, taking the opportunity to lead the opponent 40-37.At the end of the first half, the Beijing team led Shanxi by 5 points 42-37.  Easy side battles again, Shanxi team by Moore, Ji Yanyan blossomed 7 points inside and outside, overtaking the score 44-42.Since then, the Shanxi team has made persistent efforts to turn the score into 57-52 at the end of the third quarter.  In the final quarter, the two teams started their final competition. The Beijing team was scored by Grina and Zhang Fan from the inside and outside. The score difference was reduced to only 1 point.Then Moore managed to score 2 + 1, and the Shanxi team widened the score again.Moore’s jumper hit his 33rd point in the game, and the Shanxi team turned the score into 68-63.Just as the Shanxi team continued to widen the point difference, getting closer and closer to the championship, Zhang Fan hit a 3-pointer at 0 degrees, Zhou Honghua shot again from the outside, and the Beijing team narrowed the point difference to 70-72 in an instant, and the game made waves again.At the last moment, Zhou Honghua missed 3 points and the Beijing team lost to the Shanxi team 70-72.  Beijing team starters: Zhou Honghua, Zhang Fan, Shao Ting, Sun Xiaoyu, Britney.Grina Shanxi team starters: Ma Xueya, Maya Moore, Wu Jinzhu, Ji Yanyan, Huang Hongjun (Kuwen)