There is a style called Du Kefeng, the women under his lens are very beautiful


There is a style called Du Kefeng, and the women under his lens are extremely beautiful | 夜 问
Answer: Yes, the photography of these movies is Du Kefeng.From top to bottom are the movies “A Fei Zheng Zhuan”, “Infernal Affairs”, “2046”, “Taking Blood to Seek Plum”, “Spring and Autumn” and “Chongqing Forest”.In the past two years, the fashion industry has been popular with “Hong Kong style”, including Hong Kong style makeup, Hong Kong style shirts, and special Hong Kong style photography.In detail, many of them are pretending to be deep with red lips, coupled with multi-layer filters that can’t see the face, under the blessing of the copy, there is a label of “senior”.What is the Hong Kong style, so far no concept is known.To understand the Hong Kong and Chinese movies of an era, he is a person who cannot be bypassed-Du Kefeng.Du Kefeng was born in Australia (May 2, 1952).He traveled many places when he was young, and was eventually attracted by the neon lights and urban temperament of Hong Kong, China, which took root.He is not a professional photographer, but he uses a very personal style of photography to capture the mysterious and magnificent Chinese cities.He has worked with almost all well-known Hong Kong directors, and the cooperation with Wang Jiawei is the most aware that one is a well-known director who does not want to act arbitrarily, and one is Du Kefeng who is wanton.Language, so a famous work came out.It is difficult to define what style Du Kefeng is, but there are still some common points for reference.For example, he would look at another person through one person, to photograph the atmosphere of the two people.Another meeting was to shoot the shadows of foreign objects projected on the protagonist. An example is the classic stills in “The Moment of Love”. The fence has a symbolic meaning of imprisonment.Here, the light through the bamboo cage hits Lin Qingxia for a long time, and the anxiety in the protagonist’s heart feels a picture.He also makes good use of window frames, neon lights and other props to shoot a variety of aesthetically meaningful pictures that complement the plot.He likes women. He thinks women are the sea, women are movies, and women are everything, so the women under his lens are beautiful.But there was a man who cried when he mentioned it, that was Leslie Cheung.The two collaborated on many works. He knew Leslie Cheung and photographed him very well.Du Kefeng loves Leslie Cheung, just like “beauty” itself, which is the most straightforward compliment of a Western-born person.In addition to the above pictures, Du Kefeng has also made works such as “Ocean Paradise” and “Partners in China”, and after making a name for himself, he co-produced films with directors in Japan, Europe and the United States.In other works, we may not be able to sum up what is Du Kefeng’s style, but he has been surpassing himself.Written by Wu Longzhen, proofread by Li Xiangling