Who is the 2015 NBA All-Star MVP? Beat Harden and Curry first _1


Who is the 2015 NBA All-Star MVP? Beat Harden and Curry first
On February 14th, Beijing time, during the New York All-Star weekend, all superstars have appeared in the round-table interview exchanges and received interviews from major media. Rocket core James Harden was asked in the interview about who is the best in the league.As for the player’s problems, Harden refused to let him down, thinking he was the best in the league.Harden felt that he might be the best in the league. Harden appeared in the face of reporters today in a dark suit with a black shirt. The handsome man looks a bit tweaked about the question of who is the best player in the league.But in the end, he announced his answer: maybe it is me (may be me).Harden novel.  Harden’s somewhat euphemistic expression can also reflect his self-confidence to a certain extent. Although there are another stars such as Stephen Curry and LeBron James in the league, Harden’s growth isSeeing things together.James said in today’s roundtable interview that if he wants to get the MVP this season, he must first defeat Harden and Curry.  This year’s All-Star has many players withdraw due to injury, the Western Conference starter Kobe Bryant, Antonio Davis and Blake Griffin all announced their retirement, and coach Cole Air Force has announced that it willLet Harden and Clay Thompson replace the starting position, and when someone asked if Harden would ask Cole to serve as the starting second position, Harden said calmly that it would not, everything was natural.it is good.However, his teammate Thompson once thought in an interview yesterday that because he is slightly higher than Harden, the starting position of the Western Conference starting position should be Harden.  Harden also has his own views on the dunk contest. Among several players, he expressed that he is more optimistic about the Timberwolves Zac Lavion. He thinks that the young man who excels in jumping is likely to get very good results.  In the end, a reporter asked Harden about fashion. At this point, Beard completely let go, claiming that I was the league’s first sportsman!(Big speakers)