The director of 731 revealed that the character played by Zhang Jiahui needs to lose weight before shooting 丨 Exclusive


The director of “731” revealed that the character played by Zhang Jiahui needs to lose weight before shooting 丨 Exclusive
The crew inspected the site of the Anda Special Test Site of the Japanese 731 Bacterial Forces in Heilongjiang Province.”731″ official Weibo announced on April 27 that Zhang Jiahui confirmed to appear in the movie “731” directed by Zhao Linshan.The film mainly tells the story of the persecution of more than 3,000 compatriots of the motherland and international personalities in the bacteriological warfare and human trials of the 731 Japanese troops invading China since 1933.>>> Zhang Jiahui confirmed to appear in the movie “731”, focusing on the Japanese invasion of the Chinese sauna, and interviewed the director Zhao Linshan exclusively on the night net. For the netizens most concerned about the role of Zhang Jiahui, the director Zhao Linshan also exclusively replied that Zhang Jiahui played aOne of the many subjects tested in the 731 human trials of the Japanese invasion of China.Director Zhao Linshan’s last film “Tongquetai” has been released for 8 years. The new work “731” was co-authored by the famous screenwriter Liu Heng and him. The current script has been completed at the end of last year and is expected to be launched in October this year.The location of the shooting was temporarily concentrated in the shed, and the location was set at the site of the Anda Special Test Site of the 731 Bacterial Troops of the Japanese Invaders in Anda City, Heilongjiang Province, which is scheduled to be released in China in 2021.[Script]In the past three years of writing, Zhao Linshan, an academic expert who serves as a historical consultant, wanted to make “731” earlier than his 2012 debut “Tongquetai”.However, because the market environment and international environment were not mature at the time, this project was not started until 2017.Liu Heng, who has worked as a screenwriter for films such as “Birth of Life”, “Autumn Jujue”, “Assembly Number”, and “Thirteen Hairpins of Jinling” and the director Zhao Linshan, jointly wrote the script.Director Zhao Linshan and screenwriter Liu Heng (right) are studying historical materials.For director Zhao Linshan, the hardest part of shooting this film is to respect the facts and proceed from the facts.Because it involves a period of history before 80 or 90 years, the two screenwriters did a lot of historical data collection before the creation. Domestic aspects, including going to the Harbin City Library to read the materials at that time, visited the Japanese invasion of Harbin in the Pingfang District of Harbin.The 731 Army Crime Evidence Exhibition Hall hired the director of the museum, Jin Chengmin, as the film ‘s historical consultant.Jin Chengmin is an expert and historian on the “731” issue. He has been doing academic research in this area for 30 years and is more academically authoritative.As for the collection of foreign data, a large amount of data was mainly consulted from Japan, and “almost shipped by car”, Zhao Linshan told the sauna and Yewang.Historian Jin Chengmin was hired as a historical consultant for the film “731”.[Perspective]It ‘s not a war movie, it ‘s the anti-war film director Zhao Linshan who directed the film “Tongquetai”, which tells the story of Cao Cao in the Three Kingdoms period in 2012. There is more history in it, but this time it ‘s going to be a heavy historyThe theme of “731”.In this regard, the director expressed his confidence in shooting this film, “From what angle does the director want to make this film, is it macro, is it from the standpoint of a Chinese, or the people of the world, I think this is very important”.”It can’t be positioned as an anti-Japanese movie, it should be an anti-war film,” Zhao Linshan said. He should shoot this film from the perspective of the community of all human destiny, especially the epidemic at the beginning of this year has made him more profoundThe experience-in the face of the epidemic in the world, in fact, the fate is a community, which also reminds him of the bacterial wars that occurred in the Harbin Pingfang District.Therefore, this movie cannot be regarded as a war movie. It would be meaningless to interpret this movie from the perspective of war.[Actor]Zhang Jiahui is the protagonist, playing the subject of the test. On April 27, “731” officially announced that Zhang Jiahui confirmed to appear in the film.Director Zhao Linshan made exclusive news to the sauna and Yewang. Zhang Jiahui was the male number one in the play. He played one of the many subjects tested in the 731 human experiment of the Japanese invasion of China. The whole film is also played by Zhang Jiahui.Narrative.In the view of director Zhao Linshan, Zhang Jiahui is the most suitable and the best actor who can interpret this role well.Before the official start of filming, actors may be required to lose weight or make some changes in body shape.From a historical point of view, none of the victims who were forced to participate in the 731 human trials of the Japanese invasion of China were spared, and there were no survivors.Zhao Linshan has seen a lot of news and historical materials before, about the sorrow of the families of the victims when they came to the crimes exhibition hall of the 7th 31st Army of the Japanese Invaders.Sacrifice, but what is their value for their lives? If this history has been kept in dust, I feel particularly cruel to these dead people. “The director hopes that the film can record everything and remember all the martyrs while restoring history. History should not be forgotten, and even the martyrs should not be forgotten.The director hopes to convey the wish of world peace through the film, and only by facing history can people better cherish and protect the common homeland of mankind.Through the small people played by Zhang Jiahui, to convey the extraordinary spirit of ordinary people, the impact of small people with the environment of the times also sounded the alarm for us today.The anti-war is the eternal theme of human development.Zhao Linshan revealed that in fact, among the victims of the human trials of the Japanese invasion of China 731, not only the Chinese but also Koreans, Americans, and even Japanese.As for the choice of actors, actors from different countries will play the corresponding roles based on the facts.In addition to Zhang Jiahui, Northeastern comedian Jia Bing and actor Hai one day who is good at acting as a villain also confirmed to appear in the film.Sauna, Yenet Editor Teng Chao Huang Jialing Proofreading Wang Xin